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Heat for forging or shaping

230×80×4 steel plate heating to 1000℃

1、 230×80×4 steel plate
2、 SPG-40B HF induction heating machine
3、 Heat the plate to 1000℃
4、frequency: 140KHZ around

Medium frequency Induction Heater for steel plate

1、 Ф220×80 steel plate heating
2、 SPZ-90 medium frequency induction heater
3、 Output frequency 2-3KHZ

Ф100 Rod heater ( medium frequency induction heater)

1、 Ф90×300 rod heating
2、 SPZ-110 medium frequency heater
3、 Output frequency 2-3KHZ

SPZ-160AB MF induction rod heater

1、 Ф32×150 rod heating;
2、 SPZ-160AB heater;
3、 Frequency 5—20KHZ;
4、 To Heat one piece once;
5、 Heating time: 15~20 sec.

SP-70B induction heater for Steel wire annealing

1、 Ф4 wire annealing;
2、 SP-70B high frequency heater
3、 Ф16×1200 long coil;
4、 Annealing temperature 700℃

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